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The Welted Warriors

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This site is still being worked on as you read, more info up soon.

The Welted Warrior’s are a Woodsball / Scenario paintball team that runs out of Fort Mill, South Carolina.  Col. Ray started the Welted Warriors team, three months ago. From then on the team has grown to eight warriors strong and continues to grow.

We are all ways looking for new members, so if you think your ready to take your game to the next level join the Welted Warriors!  If you make it on to the team, you will learn: Squad tactics, Individual tactics, Command skills, Camouflage, and ambush skills.


The Welted Warriors isn’t your standard paintball team, yes we go out and shoot it up like everyone else, but we do that and more!  We specialize in base defense, and security, as well as: VIP escort, VIP assassination, base attack, and ambushes. Plus the normal “go out and shoot the blue side.” We also just want to have fun, that’s why we started playing paintball in the first place, too have fun.

In the News

The Welted Warriors is now proudly sponsored by Hammer Head Paintball Barrels!
The Welted Warriors are now enrolled in a team building program, with RockStar Tactical Systems!
Do you think you have what it takes to be a  Wellted Warrior? Simply email The Colonel, and ask for an Enlistment form today!

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The Welted Warriors Paintball Team
Welt or be Welted!
Fort Mill, South Carolina
Join today!
Now ProudlySponesored by 
Hammer Head Paintball