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The Welted Warriors

Game Debrief

Just in From the War Dept.

Next Mission, on Nov. 7th-9th, Fulda Gap, CD Paintball.
Warsaw Pack
Commanding for the Welted Warriors: Col Ray.
AAR Due on Nov 11th.

All missions Classified.

Heroes and Goats

Team Hero: Major Kevin and Col Ray: For actions of sear bravory, at Battle field Blanding, in the night game. Col Ray and Hired Gun leld off the whole blue army, from gaining a mission and points. Major Kevin escoruted 3 guns to touching distance of the emegy base and valorly gave his "life" to keep his team alive.
No team Goats.

The Welted Warriors Paintball Team
Welt or be Welted!
Fort Mill, South Carolina
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